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3 years ago

Suspension Mods

Our car arrived from Germany without the optional front and rear anti-sway bars (ASB).  ASB are critical to preventing body roll in turns. We’ve begun the job of stripping the front and rear sway bars from our ‘78 parts car and installing them in our ‘77 track car.

The modification to the front is basically a bolt-on upgrade. The chassis came pre-drilled for the ASB mounting brackets. However, the control arms do not have mounts for the sway bar ends, so we need to remove them from the ‘78 and install them on the ‘77. We’ve discovered that the ball joints in the ‘78 control arms are larger than in the ‘77, so we’ll need to purchase these replacements to complete the installation.

Modifying the rear requires some fabrication and modification. The torsion bar carrier in the ‘77 that came without the rear ASB option does not have mounting brackets. These need to be fabricated from steel and welded to the torsion bar carrier. Some 924 owners take a shortcut and clamp the bar to the carrier tube, but this moves the ASB about an inch backwards, which is not the optimal geometry.

We made a cardboard pattern from the ‘78 mounts, and Frank Lally, the owner of the fabrication facility Simtek and generous lender of workspace (and father of NASCAR Rookie of the Year Andy Lally!), used his laser cutter to craft them from sheet steel. Next, they’ll be bent in the press and welded into place on the carrier tube.

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